The call of your womb Retreat

"Much emotions from women are stored in the womb. Only when it is completely purified love and life can flow freely. "~ Peruquois
As women, we tend to give ourselves too much away. This retreat is for women who want to get more out of their lives. Want to reconnect with their inner strength and love. Want to learn how to heal yourself in relationship with yourself and others.
Feelings like felt, experienced, processed and integrated, so that the wisdom and love of the heart can develop. Emotions have a tremendous vitality and energy in it.
By again become intimate with our emotions you get in your power, you get more confident, you come into connection with your deepest desires, your needs and your limits so you can go beyond or give healthy boundaries. You open yourself to more passion, joy and bliss!
Femininity asks of you to break the eternal cycle of emotions and dependency by an independent develop love feelings in yourself, regardless of what others do, how others are and how they think about you.
We do this through (yin) yoga, meditation, inner child/parents healing work, emotional bodywork, dancing, loving touch, sharing our hearts in the support from the women’s circle, communicate skills and writing assignments.
We do this together in a warm bath of women circle
Woman circle is a safe and open space where you can feel free to share, to listen, to reflect, celebrate and reinforce each other. To find recognition and the feeling that you are not alone in this what you experience. A space where you can drop off your masks and show yourself in all your beauty, joy and pain, passion and vulnerability.

On request, I give this retreat abroad or on location. Please feel free to connect with me.

Date and location see events.

I am looking forward to meet you in person.

In Love and appreciation,