"'Celebrate' you do together and I want to open my heart to do that along with Daisy and the women's circle. First connect with myself. From total peace and surrender. Exciting, but by the loving approach from Daisy, without judgment, in softness, the contact, the connection. Feel welcome, and being seen has healed me. In touch with my inner child, found the counselor and nurtured in love and peace. Daisy has fueled this process from day one, helped also to experience the fire within myself. Wether grounded, with two beautiful feet down to earth! Solid and balanced. Daisy has managed to support the woman circle and all its processes and dynamics, in a wonderful manner from her heart. From her openness, vulnerability and be one with the group, all women are seen, felt and developed. Daisy, my gratitude is great. Namaste."


" A wonderful weekend in which Daisy
gave us the strenght and the importance of being woman has to
Experience your feminine fire, earth power, sensuality and heart, but also
practical information made it an inspiring whole.
Daisy does this in a very natural and loving way in which everyone quickly feel at ease. a nice program and beautiful energy!

A must for every woman who wants to remember the power of her femininity.

Thank you dear Daisy, I am inspirerd!"

Sylvia, Hart & Art