Show up for yourself in a healthy way

Donderdag 03 januari 2019
"Whatever happens in our life, we can choose to have a willingness to show up without attachment and see what opens up from this place. Show up as a friend for the emotions as anger, sadness, fear, anxiety, rejection, loneliness etc. If these uncomfortable situations arise, embrace them with a warm blanket of compassion, give them space to breathe, but choose not to drawning in it. In the moments I realize that I am drawning in my own little world, I learn to step out and open to the world again. Go out, walk in nature, drink a coffee somewhere, cuddle pets and smile to someone. 
When I don't allow to showing up for mySELF and searching outside from a place of loneliness and lack of self-care I bring myself in situations who are not good for me, because I feel vulnerable. From this place I can hurt myself more, if I search for a quick fix in something or someone, and later find myself more broken, rejected or in abusive situations. Or hurt others because of ignoring. 
Just do simple things like I mentioned before, cuddle pets, walk in nature, drink a coffee somewhere and share a smile. It can bring you back into connection with yourself and the world again from a healthy place of awareness, self-love, self-worth and clear boundaries. To remember and knowing deep inside that we have everything we need. Open up to the universe who connected us with unconditional love and knowing that we are already whole within"