Show up in love

Zondag 25 oktober 2015

I am tired of staying stuck in limited beliefs and old pain that is not serving me anymore; afraid to get hurt, running away, of making stories with my mind and pushing away.
I am ready to open up in love. This is the only thing that matters.
I do not want to protect myself all the time and hold myself back anymore.
I have to show up!
Everything will start with me!
I want to understand myself and communicate from there with honestly and love. I do not want to judge the other person anymore, but see the Divine in the person. In times when it is not easy, I still want to meet them there.
When I see beauty in everything, from a deep trust in myself and in life, it will be surrounded and within everything.
How wonderful.
Keep everything sacred in this moment, which is the only thing that is.

I believe I am worthy to receive love; I have to allow it to happen without expectations. That will change my life.
In love,