Replace fear for curiousity

Woensdag 22 april 2020

"I am finding new balance between who I think I am and who I an meant to be".

We are sometimes so limited in what we believe what think is possible or about who we really are. Afraid to let things empty in a society full of movement and goals to prove self-worth. To belong into the world, where do we give up our authenticity and connection with our true nature?

We are afraid to stand still, afraid to really feel, afraid what our hearts have to tell us, afraid to dissapoint others, afraid of leaving the familiairity behind, afraid to make adjustments in our life, afraid to walk the path of the unknown, afraid of not having enough, afraid of what others think, afraid to become aware of conditionings, patterns and the story we tell ourselves, afraid that our illusions or identity fall away.

But to become aware of our deepest fears (stories and fantasies we hold onto) without judgements and in compassion can be the way that things really can shift and change to become who we are meant to be. 
How to break this circle?
Surprise yourself every day to do something different in your daily routine. What inspires you? What is nourishing you? What do you like to create without the tension it has to become something?
Writing so you can be a witness of the thoughts, emotions and stories you are telling yourself without judgment or fixing anything. 
Meditation on space between thoughts or breath, this space and pause can inspire you to not hold onto old ideas and stories and let this space work for you to allow curiousity and new insights.

In grattitude,