Freedom of choice

Vrijdag 01 januari 2016

It’s all about choice. No more excuses to myself and others. You can make a new choice every day. Nothing is permanent and stays the same. Choices don’t have to be painful all the time. They can also be joyful.
After many years of working hard, struggling and the feeling I have no right to be here. I was thinking that I have to deserve life. I was afraid to really live life. I was used to survive and hold on suffering. I didn’t know an other way. It was comfortable and safe to stay stuck in excuses and stories.
The last years I experience life with more effortless and ease. Even when I run my own yoga studio. Give myself more space to relax. I live in deep trust. From a place of trust and effortless I create even more Abundance in every area of my life. I realize that I don’t have to work hard to feel appreciated or get more self worth. 
Not longer afraid to let things in the unknown but just get comfortable with it. Because I feel deep trust in myself and life. Sometimes I still feel fear. But I don’t want to hold myself back anymore. I am brave to step in the unknown. Every step in the unknown makes me stronger, gives me more trust and opportunities to grow.
When you become more aware and you can be looking through yourself with honestly and love. You can make a new choice. Drop your limited believes and stop making excuses. Don’t hold yourself back anymore and step in the greatness and beauty of who you are. This will open up infinite possibilities for you in ever area of your life.
Living a happy life doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. There will be moments of difficult or pain in your life and that’s okay. Just allow yourself to really feel and drop your mind. Later things will get clear and you will understand what choice you have to make. Be with it and love yourself in this process until you are able to let go.

Give yourself the choice to live life, to love yourself, forgive, move on and be happy!