What you think, you become

Dinsdag 05 april 2016
The mind is everything. What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create. ~Buddha
What to do with an empty space in your mind!!! Our “monkey” mind runs wild!!
It takes some effort and time to work with your thoughts. 

What to do with your thoughts?
Just observe and be a witness of you’re thoughts without trying to judge or dawning away in it. In the beginning you want to fight. A lot of emotions arise. We want to escape in social media, food or create an overactive agenda. Just allow to be in the restless state and acknowledge what wants to be seen. Recognize the thoughts and emotions and let them go. There is nothing to hold on, nothing you have to fix or nothing to judge. Just allow to be a witness and experience that thoughts and emotions come and go. After a while you feel more space en be okay in what is. Stay soft to yourself.
So you can land in your heart and let your intuition guide you. Trust that shining a light on your thoughts the first step is to healing and transformation.
Rather than bully yourself and increasing the emotional intensity you are feeling. When you feel emotions arise, expand your breath. Feel the feelings and drop the story created by your mind. Repeat the mantra "I am replacing my usual how can I fix this with I am grateful". Remember how you want to feel.
In the stillness between your thoughts, in the awareness of space between your breaths you will find your true self. Here you find what’s really important for you. How closer you come to yourself and find your inner silence, the more you are able to create more presence in your daily life. So you can create a healthy and joyful living in every area of your life.