Woensdag 16 juni 2021
Despite anxiety I suffered from for many years I could manage to travel solo for 2,5 year. Maybe because of anxiety I could to this. Because it has learned me a lot about resilience, life lessons and challenges, true strength and compassion.

I can travel in unknown places, not knowing were to sleep and eat and being completely fine.
My anxiety trigger is in feeling rushed, making decisions, tiredness, too much to do, feeling restricted and electronical devices.

I had sleep medication for anxiety for more then three years. My head was a prison and couldn't find a way out. My head was spinning out of control. I didn't take the anti-depression that the doctor offered to me (I am not against, sometimes they can be really helpful). I had to find the root and cause of anxiety. I had to go within and practice awareness, connection with myself and God.

Yoga, Jungian psychology and vipassana has helped me a lot. Vipassana is a 10 days meditation course in silence were you learn to observe bodily sensations without reaction. How to find equanimity and a balanced mind. In silence observed my core and limited beliefs and listen to them without judgement. That I am safe.

This journey has enrich my life beyond I could imagine to be possible

We are all going to this life together. You are already accepted by life ❤

Hope this message is helpful to you that you are not alone. Things can get better and this doesn't have to define you!